August 11, 2022
Producer: JORDIZ

The 24 years old Jordiz (Jordi Flikweert) was born in Leiderdorp, but grew up in Ter Aar. He spends his high school years at the ‘Groene Hart Lyceum’ in Alphen aan den Rijn.

From an early age Jordiz is interested in everything that has to do with computers and technology. As of twelve years old, Jordiz starts producing and composing his own music. During that time you would often find him behind his computer, headphones on.
His talent and skills develop fast, and Jordiz decides to make music productions he also did releases on Musical Freedom (Spinnin’ Records) and Cloud 9 Music.

He also spinning at clubs and festivals his main focus. In the mean time, Jordiz bookings in the Netherlands are increasing, as well as the bookings in Europe. He is flying back and forth frequently, with the highlight of closing the set of the music festival Dutch Valley 2017, where he is spinning in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 30.000 people.