January 28, 2023
Producer: JORDIZ

26-year-old Jordiz (Jordi Flikweert), born in the Netherlands, interested in everything about computers and technology from an early age. At the age of 12, he is already producing and composing his own music. At that time he was always behind his computer, with headphones on.

After the successful release of the track ‘Weekend!’ which reached +12 million streams in record time and entered the big lists, Jordiz has developed his talents and skills like crazy in the Hardstyle scene.

Jordiz’s Happy Hardstyle does not go unnoticed as he has already released a number of releases on labels like Kontor, Beatdealer, Musical Freedom (Spinnin’ Records) and Cloud 9 Music.

With a pure heart and loads of passion he plays at clubs and festivals. He gives amazing shows filled with visuals to give people the experience of their lives, also internationally. Think of the Octopus and Medusa festivals in Valencia, where he plays in front of 30,000-50,000 people this year.

Besides all of this, Jordiz has a collab with Dante Klein. The track ‘Life’ has already generated a lot of streams and is still growing every day.

Jordiz is making crazy progress with his Happy Hardstyle, please don’t be surprised if you see him releasing a commercial track every now and then.